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Trendy vs Timeless How to Invest in Pieces That Will Stand the Test of Time

It seems logical to incorporate elements of the eternal in the fashion that continues to aggressively evolve and effectively create a harmonious wardrobe. This is why at ModChic Clothing we exist to make sure every woman has a wardrobe filled with beautiful clothes that are timeless. There is a way of going about it that will ensure you get anti-aging clothes. Here are the tips you should consider.

Understanding Trendy vs Timeless

Trendy Pieces

Fashion novelties are deemed to be effectively characterized by their current popularity and generally depend on the changing of seasons. These items are versatile and can give your wardrobe the much-needed youthful look; however, they can be out of fashion in the long-run. This comes out with the neon colors, oversized logos and rear cuts that may be fashionable this season and yet may not be fashionable the next season.

Timeless Pieces

On the other hand, there are pieces that are timeless ,these are clothes that do not follow seasons and trends. Most of them are very simple to use, of high quality and are very versatile. Consider the LBD, a fine piece of blazer, or a properly-fitted pair of mom jeans. These items can be used for a number of years and still be trendy and elegant Over time…

How to Invest on Classics

Focus on Quality

The purpose which emanates quality material and splendid craftsmanship are some of the functions of an enduring fashion. Stick to apparels and accessories manufactured with natural fabrics; cotton, wool, silk among others and avoid electronic items; durably check on the seams, collar and the general fit of the apparels.

Stick to Neutral Colors

Plain and simple white, black, beige, and navy are awesome as they can be easily incorporated with other colors. They are versatile and form the basic ensemble of any wardrobe; they can be dressed formally or casually.

Choose Classic Silhouettes

Restriction of clothing cuts such as A-line dresses, straight-leg trousers or tailored coats are elegant and always in vogue. Do not go for styles that are current season specific because they can be out of fashion one season later.

Invest in Versatile Items

Versatile articles, which can be used not only with one kind of clothes and in different situations, are rather useful. A good example is a white blouse that is best worn together with jeans for the casual occasion and together with a skirt for the formal occasion.

Pay Attention to Fit

Knowing that one should wear well-fitting clothes is something very general, and fitting refers to both, the way garments fit the body or the latest trends. Make sure the fitted garments fit you well or have them altered for the perfect fitting as your timeless pieces should be perfect.

Balancing Trendy and Timeless

Although most wise dressing experts advise people to invest in classic staples, it is not a bad idea to have somewhat trendy pieces on hand. The key is balance. Some tips are to use modern accessories, meaning that the item added on your clothes must be trendy such as the statement jewelries or fashionable handbags that will make it the newest look but with the quality basic fashion never dies.

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