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MODChic is built on the ethos of empowering and uplifting women. From the beginnings of the brand, we have built strong strategic partnerships with Charitable organizations, women-owned businesses, influencers, and stylists in our community.
We continue to develop these strategic partnerships with our community to give back, support and empower. We are committed to our goal of empowering women and we believe it starts with our girls; For every full priced item purchased on our website a portion of our proceeds is donated to foundation of our chosen at the end of the year.


It’s our affiliate program for MODChic lovers just like you—whether you’re a professional Instagrammer, an Influencer, or one of our entrepreneurially-spirited guests.

You help us promote our products, services, and events and in exchange, get perks and commission on what people purchase through your posts. It’s a win-win for everybody.

If Interested, apply to